Therapy Services

Family Dysfunction

Feeling trapped in family dysfunction? Haunted by your inner child's emotional scars? I'm here to guide you. As a specialized psychotherapist, I bring expertise in transforming family dynamics and soothing your inner child. I get it. Family conflicts and unresolved...

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Sad girl listening to her parents arguing

Trauma & PTSD

Struggling with trauma's impact? Feeling lost after a traumatic event like sexual abuse? You are not alone. As a caring and experienced psychotherapist, I am here to guide you through healing. My therapy approach is tailored and effective. I use proven methods like...

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Marital & Couples Counseling

Are you and your partner feeling disconnected? Struggling with endless arguments? I'm here to help. As a trained therapist in the Gottman method, I specialize in transforming troubled relationships into bonds of strength and satisfaction. In my couples therapy...

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Man talking to psychotherapist during marital therapy session